The Shocking Science of PAIN the Great Deceiver

What you need to know about the 4 ugly faces of pain

Imagine you’re out walking with your dogs. They’re both having a fantastic time running round following smells, chasing birds, digging holes – and swimming and rolling in muddy puddles.

Then one of the dogs’ comes up lame in the right front paw. You investigate and find she’s broken a nail…

The Shocking Science of PAIN the Great Deceiver

…and this is where you need to be aware of the of pain’s 4-faces of deception.

I’ve divided this blog into 4 broad sections –

1. In Section 1 – I start with a human story – to set the scene – and a story about a dog.

2. Then, in the 2nd section – I explain WHY I call pain the 4-faced Great Deceiver.

3. In section 3 – I will give you – a very brief run through – of HOW – pain pulls off this great deception.

4. Finally – and most importantly in section 4 – I will give you some pointers for the kinds of things that you can do – to make sure that your dog does not fall victim to this horrible disease – And lives a long, happy, and fulfilled life – with you and your family.