Heatstroke in Dogs

What are the risk factors of HEATSTROKE in your dog?

Image by pierrelaurentdurantin [CC0 1.0]

Another fabulous report from the UK’s VetCompass Knowledge Hub, which collects, and analyses veterinary clinical information from millions of animals all over the country.

This one on heatstroke reviews nearly 1 million canine clinical records and gives us some useful information on the risks of heatstroke –

Here are the key points in a nutshell

  • Weight above 50kg, regardless of normal body weight-for-breed, compared to dogs weighing less than 10kg = 3.5x.
  • Brachycephalic dogs = 2x.
  • Dogs older than 12 years = 1.7x.
  • Dogs aged 6 – 8 years = 1.5x.
  • Weight at or above that for breed, compared to below that for breed = 1.4x.
  • Overall fatality for all dogs treated for heat stroke = 14%.


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Incidence and risk factors for heat-related illness (heatstroke) in UK dogs under primary veterinary care in 2016
Emily J. Hall, Anne J. Carter & Dan G. O’Neill
Published: June 22, 2020